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August 6, 2019
August 6, 2019
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Cytotec oral tablets contain either 100 mcg or 200 mcg of misoprostol, a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analog.

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Uses of Cytotec

  • It is used to prevent NSAID-associated gastric ulcers in patients with a history of ulcers.
  • It may be given to you for other reasons. Talk with the doctor.

Things to know while taking Cytotec?

  • Tell all of your health care providers that you take Cytotec (misoprostol). This includes your doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists.
  • High fever with fast heartbeat, seizures, or feeling confused or agitated have happened when Cytotec (misoprostol) was used for bleeding after delivering a baby. If you have questions, talk with your doctor.
  • Tell your doctor if you are breast-feeding. You will need to talk about any risks to your baby.

How is Cytotec best taken?

Use Cytotec (misoprostol) as ordered by your doctor. Read all information given to you. Follow all instructions closely.

  • Take Cytotec (misoprostol) with meals and at bedtime or as you have been told by your doctor.
  • Do not take antacids that have magnesium with Cytotec (misoprostol).

What do I do if I miss a dose?

  • Take a missed dose as soon as you think about it, with food.
  • If it is close to the time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your normal time.
  • Do not take 2 doses at the same time or extra doses.
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